Monday, 17 November 2008

How the Samsung crane barge smashed into the Hebei Spirit?

This short clip was taken by one of the crew of the Hebei Spirit as the Samsung No1 crane barge repeatedly smashed into the hull of the Hebei Spirit bouncing along from bow to stern, in the process holing 3 tanks on the port side.


  1. Is it not pathetic a stationary vessel is being hit by a towed barge and the officers of the stationary vessel which is anchored in line with the regulations is being penalised for damages to the environment caused by the collision by the barge.
    Hope land lubbers realise that moving an anchored vehicle is not as easy as getting a car out from a parking lot.

  2. As a fellow seafarer, can easily imagine that the Master and crew of Heibei Spirit did eveything that was possible within their reach to avoid contact and then minimize damages to the envirnment. Needless to say, vessel was at anchor and was not be blamed for this accident at the first place. The prosecution of vessels crew is cruel, unjust and was done without due regard to the circumstances of the case.

    We sincerely hope that Korean court will consider all aspects and will release vessel and her crew without any further delays.

  3. It is a shame that Samsung is able use its local contacts to keep the spotlight on the crew of Hebei Spirit and try and reduce the impact of negligence of the crew of theri barge. How can you otherwise explain the sheer injustice being meted out to the crew of Hebei Spirit. As an explanation for land lubbers, this is akin to someone smashing into your car which is safely parked in a desiganetd spot in a public garage and then you get blamed for it.

    We hope that the Supreme court of S Korea sees the injustice of the whole situation and actually penalises the lower courts for such a balatnt violation of basic tenets of law.

  4. Hey - the video is no longer available! What happened?